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We are not sure how you found us but we are glad you are here. Please take a few minutes to review the pages on our Website. You will be rewarded with a new outlook on Life and you will be amazed to discover all the savings you can enjoy as a member of our Travel & Vacation Club.  We guarantee you savings as a member of our Club every time you book using our "Members Only" Portal.  Our Membership Guarantee-We pay our members 110% of any price difference if they find a lower rate anywhere on the Internet. 

Key Point To Always Remember - We are a private club dedicated to saving you serious money on all your travel & vacation needs. We do not make or earn any commission or fees from any bookings you make as a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.  We exist to save you money.  This is our Corporate Mission                


You are invited to join us and discover how to LIVE LIFE & TRAVEL.  

The only way to get the lowest travel & vacation rates on planet earth is by becoming a member of our Club and that's a fact worth checking.

Special Message - Post COVID-19 Travel

The WORLD has been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and basically shut down everything almost everywhere with people being asked to stay home and shelter in place.  Governments and local communities have imposed mandatory STAY AT HOME and Social Distancing  Restrictions which basically closed the travel industry all over the world.  

We are a private club offering travel & vacation benefits to our membership in the form of non-published rates which equate, in most all cases, the lowest possible BOOKING rate available for the 1,000,000+ properties in our global system.  Our Global Distribution System is private and offers our members the ability to book lower rates void of the "parity requirements" that the public GDS systems must adhere to. 

Our members are guaranteed the lowest rates backed by the Club's 110% Rate Guarantee which pays our regular members 110% of any price difference if they can find a lower rate anywhere on the Internet. 

Until the Shelter In Place Restrictions are lifted SG Resorts will be offering rentals on select properties at deeply discounted rates to raise the much needed revenue to guarantee the future of the Company and the jobs for all the employees both in the United States (Miami Beach) and in the Dominican Republic. 

We ask for your support because at the end of the day, everyone stuck home sheltered in place will be looking to escape once the all clear is given.  The escape will most likely be in the form of a vacation and vacations is the product our company offers and specializes in. 

We have a new POST COVID-19 PROGRAM called a Ticket To Ride where you buy a ticket today to cash in for a vacation booking when you are ready to go.  The price of the ticket is so low that it should be impossible for you not to purchase one unless you are not planning to escape and go on vacation once the ALL CLEAR is sounded. 

The Smarter Way To Live Life & Travel

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If you are not a member of the Club, you are paying to much for your travel & vacation bookings !

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