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1. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University is reported to have a total living alumni of 673,00.  Penn State has more living alumni than any other school in the U.S. Graduates of the school live in every U.S. state and more than 160 countries.


Notable Penn Staters include Nike CEO Mark Parker, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, Good Morning America host Lara Spencer, and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.



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2. Indiana University

Total living alumni: 650,000+

Businessman Mark Cuban, Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers, and Irish President Michael Higgins are all Indiana University alums. So are Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins and Oscar-winner Kevin Kline.

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3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Total living alumni: 575,000

The University of Michigan has one of the biggest alumni networks in the U.S. The school’s musical theater graduates are such a big presence on Broadway there’s even a nickname for them: the “Michigan mafia.” Other notable alumni include Google CEO Larry Page; Toys R Us CEO Dave Brandon; Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster; and Richard Lesser, the CEO of Boston Consulting Group.




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SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club,LLC underwrites a "Living Benefits" Program for Universities & Colleges. Mental Health & Performance are concerns for all Universities and Colleges and it is a proven fact, based upon the latest research, that Vacations offer a wide variety of both physical & mental health benefits for not only college students, but to the general public as well. Alumni Members for all Universities and Colleges are now able to enjoy their life after college with the Living Benefits Program underwritten by SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club,LLC.  The SG APPROVED list of Universities and Colleges represents well over six (6) million alumni members who are now eligible to participate in the SG Resorts Living Benefits Programs.

Employers in today's world encourage both management and employees to "disconnect" from work and enjoy time away from work to re energize and rejuvenate themselves and to assure this task is accomplished many Employers offer their employees  "Employer Paid Vacations".  A study of Alumni Members also indicates that many University Graduates (Alumni Members) hold management level and other employment positions offering upwards three (3) or more weeks of paid vacation time each year while other research indicates that 42% of Americans do not use their paid vacation time to take a vacation claiming they can't afford a vacation. 

SG Resorts believes that unlike Group Health Insurance Benefits where someone must get sick, see a doctor, or go into the hospital before the "benefit" is triggered and becomes a "benefit" or unlike Group Life Insurance where someone needs to actually "die" before the benefit becomes a benefit; the SG LIVING BENEFITS PROGRAM underwritten by SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC is a form of Group Health Assurance or Group Life Assurance where the "benefit" is triggered by something "good" Vs something "bad" and the SG Living Benefit is focused upon lifestyle and making life more enjoyable rather than making life more tolerable after a tragedy, sickness, or some other negative benefit trigger takes place.

SG Resorts offers Alumni Members at SG Approved Universities and Colleges the ability to upgrade their lifestyle, save money, and make their time away from work not only more enjoyable but more affordable with guaranteed savings with a Product that every Alumni Member can utilize because most all Alumni Members travel and take vacations ( Travel & Vacation Savings). After all, who goes to Disney and would not want to save 39%  on their Disney Vacation?  Who, in their right mind, books a hotel room that would not want to enjoy a $300 savings compared to published public rates?

Your Alumni Membership is guaranteed to upgrade your lifestyle, save you money every time you travel, and make your life more enjoyable one Dream Vacation at a time.  As an Alumni Member you enjoy a 110% Price Guarantee which litterly  "guarantees" you the lowest price possible and if you can book a lower price anywhere on the Internet you will receive 110% of the price difference. 

Your Alumni Membership is not only affordable and priced way below memberships offered to the general public, your membership gives you direct access to over One Million Properties where you can "capture" and "secure" the lowest prices possible on hotels, resorts, cruise vacations, car rentals, weekly vacations, golf courses, and even Timeshare Exchanges if you own a timeshare. 

Your Alumni Membership not only gives you the guaranteed lowest price on your travel & vacation needs but you will earn Reward Points that can be used the same as cash on all your future travel or used to offset your annual dues and when you use your "membership rewards" from other credit card programs you pocket double or triple benefits.

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Is your Alumni Approved ?

Discover how your Alumni can benefit with a Branded  Travel & Vacation Club for your Alumni Association providing its membership with a "Living Benefits" Program that will not only generate revenue for the Alumni Association but provide a priceless benefit for all the Alumni members.

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